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For Education Departments and Non-Profit Teams We bring Sound Bath & Sound Meditation to your Retreat or Professional Development Session.

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Instead, give your team something useful at your next staff retreat, faculty development, or professional development session. Team Sound Meditation.

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Meet Simone Jenifer

Sound Meditation Facilitator

simone jenifer portraitI became interested in Tibetan singing bowls over two decades ago, when I studied their various play and percussive techniques. The practice of playing was a relaxing one for me, and I reveled in teaching others to play bowls in order to enhance their own meditative practice.

Today, I routinely facilitate sound baths, and teach singing bowl technique in the Maryland region. In addition to facilitating sound bath and sound meditation sessions, I regularly partake of sound baths facilitated by other practitioners. These sessions slow the heart rate, clear the mind, and offer clarity. It's an important part of my personal well-being.

Video. What to expect from your sound bath experience.
What to Expect

Your Sound Meditation Experience

The session begins with each participant comfortably seated or lying down on a mat, with covered eyes. After a brief period of deep, intentional breathing, the sound experience begins to fill. Various sounds, tones, harmonies, and frequencies are introduced in measured succession. The sounds are created by a variety of instruments.

When you experience a sound bath, your breathing naturally deepens and slows, and you mentally shift from an active to a more relaxed state. Participants have described it as: "meditative" "deeply relaxing", and "feeling true clarity." You emerge from the hour-long session clear-headed, open to creativity and creative thinking, and re-energized.

Benefits of Sound Bath & Sound Meditation

For Individuals or Teams

Individual Benefits

Deep relaxation and meditation helps to relieve mental stress and alleviate physical tension.

Individual Benefits

Provides an excellent catalyst for creativity, and allows you to step away from projects or situations that occupy your mind...clear your head, and return fresh.

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Team Benefits

Sound Bath and Sound Meditation is an excellent way to bring a team together in a collective activity; with few barriers to participation.

Team Benefits

The shared experience of deep relaxation offers the ideal catalyst for opening conversation, kick-starting creativity, and brain-storming.

moving circle
moving circle

Used in Sound Bath

Percussive Instruments

Based upon a foundation of Tibetan singing bowls, your Sound Bath may include these elements:

Pricing Available

Sound Bath at your Next Retreat

Kick off your staff retreat with an hour-long Sound Bath session.

1-Hour Sound Session

  • For groups up to 20.
  • Session kicks off retreat day(s).
  • Introduction to the efficacy of
    sound bath for teams.
  • Full hour session.
  • Eye masks are provided.

1-Hour Sound Session
with Guided Visualization

  • For groups up to 20.
  • Session kicks off retreat day(s).
  • Introduction to the efficacy of
    sound bath for teams.
  • Full hour session of visualization, breath-work, and sound bath.
  • Eye masks are provided.

1-Hour Sound Session
+ Singing Bowl Training

  • For individuals or groups up to 20.
  • Session occurs during your retreat.
  • Introduction to the efficacy of
    sound bath for teams.
  • 15 minute training
    + full hour sound session.
  • Eye masks and individual singing bowls
    are provided.

What Participants Say

Professionals from area universities and non-profit organizations. While each person's individual experience is unique, all have found great benefit in the practice...

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